About me !

Emi, 28 years ! 

I begin to paint with watercolor many years to made travel sketchbook ! Mix and do experiments, it’s my everyday life, to create tint and high-quality watercolor. I am here to share my passion for pigments, colors and painting ! I hope that it inspires you !

I like to visit abandonned place, travel, sew and dance. Tea keep me alive  ! 😉

Octarine project

Since 2019, I created « Octarine » to made my own watercolor ! I really do put my heart and soul into manufacturing unique watercolor and superior quality ! After 4 month to test and research, i found perfect mixture to pigments and binders.

Eco-friendly is part of the core of my project ! My materials are sourced both locally ! Mindful consumption motivate me to leave animal products off the paint-making process. I replace it with organic vegetable glycerin and arabic gum for the binders. 

I try to use less paper, not to make individual packaging, and have recyclable boxes. I reuse when i can.

Crédits photos : Gaëtan Faure